Distributors, Discs and Disciples: Exploring The Home Media Renaissance – 2015 Papers


Some attendees have agreed to report on the symposium. Links to these will be posted to the page in due course.

Roy Stafford’s report (The Case for Global Film website):



Below are links to webpages and files for the papers and speakers who presented at the symposium held on 23rd May 2015:

Jonathan Wroot, University of Worcester, ‘Introduction (and amended schedule for 23/05/15)’

(taken from my presentation notes – please excuse any typos or formatting errors)

DDD Introduction JW 2015



 Panel 1

Shane O’Sullivan, Kingston University, ‘Documentaries and the UK Home Video Market’



Ksenia Frolova (nee Malykh), University of East Anglia, ‘ “To own or not to own?..” Video on demand, DVD and family everyday viewing and consumption practices’




Roderik Smits, University of York, ‘The Distribution Business: sales agents, gatekeepers, and digital platforms’




Panel 2


Paul Elliott, University of Worcester, ‘Moving Images: The London Filmmaker’s Co-operative and Lux Films’



Elliott Nikdel, University of Southampton, ‘Online Distribution and the Relocation of Non-Mainstream Cinema: The Release of A Field in England and the Erosion of Traditional Distribution and Exhibition Patterns’




Lee Broughton, University of Leeds, ‘Restoration, restoration, restoration: charting the changing appearance of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on British home video’



Fraser Elliott, University of Manchester, ‘Practising Nostalgia: An Exploration of the Continued Success of In The Mood For Love in British Film Culture’



Panel 3

James Mason, University of Leeds, ‘Disney Distribution, Or: How Mickey Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Home Media’




Christopher Holliday, King’s College London, ‘Combining Nemo: Pixar Home Media and the DVD of narrative integration’



Jennifer Gillan, Bentley University, Boston, USA, ‘From Sony to Shout! Factory: Distributing TV on DVD’



Oliver Carter, Birmingham City University, ‘A Labour of Love: Fantrepreneurship in Home Video Media Distribution’





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